November 12, 2023

School Wide Expectations

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

  • Congratulations to Ms. Swafford’s class for earning 10 Robo class tickets!  They will receive an extra recess.
  • Congratulations to Ms. Lidstone’s, Ms. Greenzweig’s, Ms. Larson’s, and Ms. Bromley’s classes for earning 20 Robo class tickets!  They will receive a popsicle party.

General Reminders/Updates

  • Thanks to our PTA for sponsoring our antibullying assembly.  Our hope is that we can continue to teach our students that being kind will make this world a better place.
  • Our largest fundraiser has started.  Please register your child so we can track their laps for the Jog A Thon.  We have over 570 students registered and have raised over $17,000.

Ultra Fun Run

If you have not already, please register here:

Enter the Student Access Code: ROBOGRIFFINS23

We look forward to an incredible turnout and thank you for making a difference in the daily lives of our students.

Impact Aid Parent-Pupil Survey

Please make sure to return the yellow form that was sent out earlier in the week.

What is Impact Aid?
Impact Aid is a Federal education program that reimburses school districts for the lost revenue and additional costs associated with the presence of nontaxable Federal property, including military installations; Indian Trust or Treaty lands; Federal low-rent housing facilities; and national laboratories, Federal dams, national parks and other Federal buildings or lands. School districts containing such property are known as “federally impacted school districts.”

Why is Impact Aid important?
Most public school districts are funded in large part by local revenue, primarily local property taxes on homes and businesses and other local fees. Funding is limited for federally impacted school districts because Federal property – and the housing, businesses and other facilities located on that property – are tax-exempt. This means the Federal government’s land does not contribute to the costs of running a school district, including the cost of educating students associated with the land. Impact Aid is “Uncle Sam” paying his taxes – if it did not exist, local taxpayers would be burdened to make up the difference or students would have to go without the resources and opportunities the funding provides. Federal Survey Cards – FAQs for parents

LEAD After School Clubs

We’re excited to share with you that starting January 2024, Camarena will have more school clubs offered through LEAD for students in grades 1-6. We will have reading, math logic, Spanish, coding, graphic design, art, Ballet Folklorico, bracelet making, technology, homework club, Filipino Club, theatre, Robo Runners, D&D (Dungeon and Dragons) and more. Clubs are on various days of the week at specific times. The clubs that are by invitation only will remain as they are. Registration for the clubs will open November 10th and close November 16th at 6pm. Families will be notified via email. Not all students who register are guaranteed a spot, so register early. For any questions email Ms. Veronica at 

LEAD Club Sign Up- Starts January 2024

Calendar of Events

15- School Board Meeting 6:00

16- School Fun Run

16- Happy Birthday Ms. Lamas

17- Kona Ice after school

19-24 Thanksgiving Break

27- Students Return- Full Day of Instruction

28- DAC/DELAC Meeting 12:00-2:00 District Office


1- Cam Krewe Buddy Day

5- Happy birthday Ms. Colin

8- Winter Wonderland School Community Event 3:00-6:00

11- Happy Birthday Ms. Benson

11- SSC 3:00-4:00