September 11, 2022

Attendance Matters! Be here and on time!

School attendance is a powerful predictor of student outcomes. In fact, irregular attendance can be a better predictor of whether students will drop out of school before graduation than test scores, according to the US Department of Education.

The correlation between attendance and dropout rates has important ramifications that go beyond the classroom. Compared to their peers who graduate, students who fail to complete their high school education are more likely to live in poverty, suffer poor health, and become involved in the criminal justice system.

Fall Break

Fall break will start on Monday, September 26 and continue through October 10.  School resumes on October 11, which is  a minimum day with dismissal at 1:15.  We hope every takes time to enjoy family and the wonderful area will live.

Lockdown Drill

On Monday, September 12 we will be conducting a lockdown drill. Lockdown drills, as well as secure campus, and shelter-in-place drills are required by the Chula Vista Elementary School District.  Fire, earthquake and bus evacuation drills are required by the State of California.  We take these drills seriously, as we know that it is in practicing that we are better able to respond should a real emergency happen.

It is regrettable that we must plan and practice for such possible occurrences, but, in light of tragedies on other school campuses, such drills are essential for the safety of our children

Please discuss the seriousness of such drills with your child.  Working together we can ensure that the educational process continues in the safe, uninterrupted environment that our children deserve.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to “Stock the Lounge” during conferences!

Parent/Teacher conferences are September 15-22.  Did you know that during PTC time, many teachers work up to 10 hours a day with little more than a 30 minute lunch break?  Some of our staff start holding conferences before school, then teach your children, then hold conference after school.  During this week our staff continues to provide engaging instruction and meet with every family in our school community.  It’s almost like the 9th inning of a baseball game!  I am asking for donations so we can “Stock the Lounge”  with grab and go snacks- like at a ballgame! Please drop off the items in the front office before September 15th.  Thank You for supporting our staff of over 90 employees.  The entire sign up was filled within 24 hours, if you didn’t sign up to bring something, its OK- we will have more opportunities throughout the year.

Calendar of Events:

12- Lockdown Drill

13- DAC/DELAC Meeting 12:00

14- Kona Ice after school

14- School Board Meeting

15-22 Parent Teacher Conferences- Minimum Days- all students dismissed daily at 1:15

16- Red Carpet Assembly in the MPR (Grades 3 and 4 @8:30, Grades 5 and 6 @9:30)  This assembly is for students and families that are receiving recognition.  You will be notified if your child is being recognized.

19- Happy Birthday Ms. Pickett

20- Happy Birthday Ms. Lopez-Solis

23- Spirit Day- Twins

23- Red Carpet Assembly in the MPR (Grades TK and K @8:30, Grades 1 and 2 @9:30) This assembly is for students and families that are receiving recognition.  The classroom teacher will notify parents if your child is being recognized.

26-Oct 7 Fall Break (No School)

28- Happy Birthday Ms. Marroquin

29- Happy Birthday Ms. Antlitz


1- Happy Birthday Mr. Soileau and Ms. Demchuk

3- Happy Birthday Ms. Tsutsumi

4- Happy Birthday Ms. Rutledge

8- Happy Birthday Ms. Cleator

10- Happy Birthday Ms. Ingco

14- School Spirit Day (Wear Robo Gear or school colors)

11- Students return (minimum day- all students dismissed at 1:15)