March 4, 2020

Campus Safety Update

This morning our school was notified by law enforcement to go to a Secure Campus status. The following are brief definitions of the types of safety protocols we follow and have been trained for:

SHELTER IN PLACE. This protocol is used when environmental conditions necessitate occupants to get inside or remain indoors. This may occur when there are nearby wildfires and/or hazardous materials released in the atmosphere.

SECURE CAMPUS is implemented as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of students and staffs when there is danger in the surrounding community. Classroom instruction and/or activity may continue as long as all classroom and office doors are locked and all students and staff remain inside through the duration of the event. This is considered a low level threat.

LOCKDOWN means imminent danger is on or approaching campus. Lockdown is initiated to isolate students and school staff from danger when movement withing the school and within rooms on the campus will put students and staff in jeopardy. It may also require employees to initiate Options Based Response Actions (Run, Hide, Fight; Escape, Barricade, Defend; etc.) Lockdown is used to prevent intruders from entering occupied areas of the buildings. This is considered a high level threat.

Please know that we make every effort to notify parents when we can. We receive direction from law enforcement who may or may not provide us with the specifics of what is happening in real time. Law enforcement officials and school personnel have as our first priority the safety of everyone. To support our efforts we need to have all staff and our communication lines as available as possible to ensure everyone’s safety. When we have been directed by law enforcement that everything is clear we will notify our families as soon as we get that information.

Please contact the school office and leave your name and contact information if you would like to serve on our Safety Committee.

Your feedback is always welcomed.

Dr. McLaren – Principal