December 17, 2018

Thank you to our wonderful PTA and all of our volunteers for making the Winterwonderland a great success.  A special thanks to PTA president, Ms. Karina Jones, for her superb leadership!

Wednesday, December 19 is the last day to submit an entry for the Yearbook Cover! Your entry must include:
1. “Unique in Everyway”
2. The Robo Logo
3. 2018 – 2019
4. Enrique S. Camarena
Don’t forget to put your name and room number on the BACK of your drawing.

Friday, December 21 SPORTS Day! Dress up in your favorite Sports garb!

December 24 – January 14 NO SCHOOL Winter Break

Art Supplies Wish List.  If you would like to make a donation to our school Art program please consider making a donation of one of the items on the Art Wish List.

Camarena Makerspace Wishlist! If you want to be a part of our Camarena Makerspace Project soon to be constructed in our Media Center then please consider donating items on the wish list.  This Makerspace will give our students a chance to be engineers, used their science and math learning, and step into the 21st century with technology by learning to “Code”.

Wondering what to gift your child’s teacher? Wonder no more! Here is a link to their favorite things, if you were thinking of gifting him/her something ;-).
Gift Preferences List

For District Notifications 2018-19 SMS Text Opt-in English or Spanish 

camarena-calendar-of-events-18-19 Rev. 11-26-18

Transportation Registration Information

*2018-19 School Calendar

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